Kogi Scheduled to be in Long Beach and O.C. This Weekend

Kogi's still going strong. This after countless knockoffs have taken to the road and naysayers have taken to the comment boards. Seriously, it seems that the number of vehement objections to their popularity is directly proportional to their popularity.

These days, it seems fashionable to be a Kogi hater (let's see how many I attract with this post).

Regardless, don't think that any of it will make the lines shorter.

But if your frustration with Kogi is that line, here's a tip: I wait until close to the end of the shift before I attempt a rendezvous. And if they've run out of food, or the line's still prohibitive, I come back the next time they're in town, which, by the way, is this weekend.

Kogi's scheduled to come to Long Beach and O.C., Friday and Saturday, respectively.

On Friday they'll be at the Shore Lounge in the LB (6400 E. Pacific Coast Hwy) from 10:30PM-1AM.

And on Saturday they'll be at The Huddle in Costa Mesa(741 Baker St.) from 10:30PM-1AM.

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