Jones Soda Co. to Release Tofurky™ and Gravy Soda

Maybe you're trying to take those first steps into veganism.

Maybe you know a vegetarian who's just had dental surgery.

Or maybe you just want to play a really, really, cruel trick on someone.

It doesn't matter, because Jones Soda is here for you with this year's Thanksgiving offering: Tofurky™ and Gravy soda. That's right, the people who brought you the original Turkey and Gravy soda (in 2003), Mashed Potato and Butter soda (in 2004) and Brussels Sprout soda (in 2005) have teamed up to bring you a cruelty-free, sugar-free Thanksgiving quaff. If you're interested, it is only available online.

Now perhaps the PETA people will stand down from their vigil outside the Jones Soda offices in Seattle.

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