John's Incredible Pizza Co. Opens Today in Buena Park Downtown

The official story here is that John's Incredible Pizza Co. opens at Buena Park Downtown today.  It has been reported that the 60,000 square feet mega restaurant occupies the whole lower floor of the mall.  And I mean the whole lower floor.

A few months ago, I saw the construction, and it looks ambitious — sort of like a Chuck E. Cheese merged with a Dave and Busters, times two.  This fact is confirmed by the virtual tour that they have on their website, which I have to say is the best use of the technology as I've ever seen!
Seriously, the app is impressive!  It takes you on a swooping tour of the place so detailed and easy to navigate that you can hear the screaming of a thousand kids and their families who will undoubtedly love the place.
As far as the quality of their pizza and other food?  Well, virtual tours can only tell you so much.

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