John of John N Ken Show Hates Goat Meat, Is a Moron Supreme

Yeah, I listen religiously to The John N Ken Show on KFI-AM 640, not only because you should know what the Know Nothing nation thinks, but also because they're great radio hosts. And because I've been listening for so long, I can say this with authority: John Kobyalt (the louder, shriller one) is becoming more and more of a bigot.

Over this past year, ever since the rise of Obama, John is prone to more and more ridiculous statements, statements that even leave his on-air partner Ken Chiampou aghast. Most of his bile is directed toward Mexicans, of course, and increasingly Muslims. But he finally crossed the line when he went after goats and the eating of them.

I only caught the tail end of his Monday rant, sparked by the debut of Los Angeles' Gold Line over the weekend. A Los Angeles Times article last week described the culinary finds
along the route, which goes from downtown Los Angeles through East Los
Angeles. Among them was Birrieria Chalio, a famed place for the great Mexican dish called birria. Kobyalt started by calling East Los Angeles “Illegal Alien Land,” which should come as a big surprise to all the military veterans who have come out of there to defend the pendejo's right to be a pendejo. Then he attacked the idea of even eating goat, calling them “dirty” because they eat “trash.”

Hey, John: Unless you're eating organic all the time, you think all the meat you eat at other restaurants is clean? Ever read Fast Food Nation?

Hat tip for antagonizing Kobyalt so much goes to Miles Clement Clements, former Weekly intern,  food guy for the District Weekly, contributor to the Times' food pages, a man who seemingly never met an Orange County restaurant I didn't already review…

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