Jerry's Dogs in Irvine To Open Tuesday May 5th

I took this picture of new Jerry's Dog in the Irvine Marketplace a month ago, when their Public Notice of Application To Sell Alcoholic Beverages was posted outside their blacked-out windows.  I peeked inside, through a slit, and I saw that construction's nearly finished on their counter, but not much else. 

A lot, it turns out, can happen in a month.  This weekend, I confirmed with them that the place is slated to open tomorrow Tuesday, May 5th.
For those who've never had Jerry's, this is one of OC's own, homegrown hot dog empires, which is slowly, but surely expanding.  And they make their own fries and chips in-house.  Eat that Wienerschnitzel!
You'll find this newest Jerry's Dogs at Courtyard Cafes by Edwards Stadium 10 on the Irvine side of The Market Place.

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