Japanese “Autumn Food Fair” at Mitsuwa Starts Thursday

Another week, another food festival at Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa. I'm kidding, of course. They don't happen that often. But they do happen more often than I remember. Not that that's a bad thing. It's good actually. Very, very good!

Just that maybe it'd be even better if they had these every weekend? Wouldn't that be nice? Rotate the vendors between stores so that we get to sample a different Japanese specialty every week?


It doesn't even really have to follow a theme or honor an occasion like this one, which coincidentally is their “Autumn Food Fair
(it starts Thursday and lasts through Sunday). Just invite a new
featured vendor a week, like Tan Tan Men who will sample their ramen
which combines Japanese and Szechwan flavors.

Imagine if every Saturday brings a new take on ramen? Not to mention the side vendors selling squid skewers, okonomiyaki, desserts like they will this weekend? I'm just sayin'.

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