Is Gustavo a Joke, a Prank, or is Someone Posing as Him?

Of course I'm a joke, but that's besides the point for the purposes of this post. From one of my wonderful sources, from last month:

Source: Did you call Lola Gaspar [on the date my source was there]?  Moxley's not the only one with sources everywhere!  Actually I was at the bar eating…when I think it was you who called (based on the waitress who answered the phone).

Me: I never call restaurants-what did this caller do? Where they pretending to be me?

Source: If it wasn't you, then it was likely a prank or something.  I was at the bar and the waitress answered the phone and the caller presumably asked for one of the owners, who wasn't there.  She then told one of the other people working there to tell whoever that “Gustavo from the Weekly” called.  (or it's an inside joke to them).

Lola Gaspar, of course, is the downtown SanTana restaurant I savaged for, amongst other sins, selling weak habanero salsa and offering “street” tacos. If the Lola folks are using me as an inside-joke, I'm flattered, but I doubt they'd be so petty as to do this. If it was a prank by some random caller…how goes it, creepy stalker?

Most likely, though, someone was probably posing as me. I've had reports in the years I've covered restaurants and concerts of people asking for free meals and tickets by claiming they're me; in some cases, their duplicity has worked (don't people check I.D.'s anymore?). So, just to clarify to Lola Gaspar and any restaurants in the future that might encounter a Gustavo imposter: kick them in the ass for me, will ya? I never identify myself to restaurant and club owners, although I'm very easy to spot: I'm the walking joke with glasses and Chucks.

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