Il Dolce Pizzeria To Debut This Week In Costa Mesa

Look out Pizzeria Ortica: another artisanal-style pizzeria cometh. Fellow chowhound and frequent tipster Craig Medici has clued me on a place which I've only heard about on paper. This one is called Il Dolce and looks to be a contender to be reckoned with.

He writes:

“I thought you might be interested in this. I have been watching this place for a while now because I pass it every day on my way to work. The address is 1902 Harbor Blvd. (at 19th Street). It is in the spot where Pasta Connection used to be. I heard rumors that this place was going to really AND finally create a good authentic pizza in Orange County and that the owner was a trained baker. Thoughts of an OC Mozza-type restaurant come to mind.


I couldn't help myself this morning so I crashed the joint even though it isn't opened yet. I meet the owners and I am totally excited. Their names are Roberto N Fernanda. He is a lifetime baker and has been working the pizza oven with Wolfgang Puck for the past year while this place is under construction. They told me that plan on using only the best, finest ingredients (of course, what else are they going to tell me?), but I was impressed that they plan on importing Caputo Four from Naples and they are going to make their own mozzarella everyday. The menu looked pretty impressive also for a casual joint.

The told me that they hope to open this Wednesday, December 9th.”

What's more, Craig took a picture of the menu to peruse.

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