Foodbuzz Nominates Local Foodies For Blog Awards

The food blog network Foodbuzz has come out with the nominations for The Foodbuzz Blog Awards and it's as if the Oscars were actually smart enough to nominate The Dark Knight for Best Picture — something I can get behind.

Among the nominees are some of my personal favorites, all Southern California foodies including Wandering Chopsticks, whom I've met and who has helped me navigate Little Saigon's vastness; and White on Rice Couple, whose photography makes me swoon…and my god, have you seen their videos!? Check out this one where Todd and Diane pick up a 35 pound extra prickly jackfruit from a Little Saigon vendor and transport it home…on their motorcycle!

Last but not least there's Burnt Lumpia, who is nominated for Most Humorous Blog, because he really is the funniest blogger out there, weaving prose so hilarious I make it a point not to be drinking milk while reading his posts on Filipino food, lest I want it to go up my nose or spat out on my computer screen in a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

Luckily these three fine blogs are NOT nominated in the same categories, which makes casting my vote all that much easier!

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