Disneyland's Corn Dog Truck Out of Commission Next Year From January to May

(that's the official title) will be under refurbishment next year, starting from January 4 to May 4. Judging by the fact that the vehicle hardly drives more than a few feet a night (or so I hear), four months is a long time to fix up something as compact as the truck. What can they be up to?


Come next summer might we see a pimped-out corn dog truck with free-rotating rims? Hey if Mickey Mouse can change from a chipper corporate logo to a darker, more mischievous character, who's to say the Little Red Wagon can't be retrofitted to fit the times.

Maybe to cash in on the food truck craze, it'll use Twitter to announce it's location Kogi-style. Sample tweet: “Still at the same corner. Still making corndogs. It's hot in here.

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