Del Taco Crime of the Decade! (Angels Beat Red Sox Edition)

We rarely cover Del Taco on SaFII because, well, what is there to cover now that Dan the Del Taco guy no longer nerds his way through commercials? But we now have eternal respect for the Lake Forest-based fast-food chain, because they might've played a crucial role in helping your Anaheim Angels sweep the Boston Red Sox in the American League Divisional Series.

Beantown manager Terry Francona admitted to reporters on Saturday that he suffered food poisoning before Game 1 of the series from what the New York Times strangely called an “unfortunate choice of Southern California snack.”

“Probably Del Taco,” Francona told reporters. “They don't support M.L.B., do they? They just support the Angels? Yeah, it was Del Taco.” A reporter asked him later whether Francona had a “beef” with the umpires, to which he replied. “Don't bring up the word beef, please.”

What lackluster meal screwed with Francona's bowels??? Regardless, gracias Del Taco, for doing your role in helping the Halos. Now, if only we can send a couple of Famous Stars Derek Jeter's way, we might be in business…

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