Defunct Blue Fish in Santa Ana to Be Replaced By: Another Fish Restaurant

This is the sign currently atop the premises at 3611 S Bristol Street. Suite C, to be precise.

It may sound like a bad idea to open up a “seafood grill” on the site of Blue Fish, a sushi place that went belly-up within just a few short months, but, as Edwin pointed out back in May, that may have shut due to strong competition from several other sushi joints nearby. Although Scott's is just up the road, I think the market can handle the presence of another fish restaurant–one that, judging by its strip-mall setting alone, will be cheaper.

I caught a quick peek inside the door today. It looks pretty close to completion. Indeed, the person I spoke to said they hope to be open by September 1st at the latest, but was pretty tight lipped when it came to providing further details. The license application in the window mentions “Onami Inc,” but there doesn't seem to be any connection to a small chain of sushi restaurants called O-Nami, which includes a location in San Diego.

As soon as we know more, we'll report back.

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