Death by Carrot Cake Sandwich at Sweet Jill's

Had a dinner party to attend Sunday night, but was in the Terra Incognita (at least to me) called Long Beach. We were in charge of dessert–what to do? Just drove down PCH and visited a place I hadn't entered in years: Sweet Jill's. They still have those massive, epic cinnamon rolls I recommended to Orange County Register sports genius Randy Youngman a couple of years ago in return for being a guest prognosticator in his Pickin' and Grinnin' column, but there was more. Classic cupcakes bigger than a Chihuahua's head (no mere simile here: there was a Chihuahua inside the store when we visited, and I compared). Big cookies. Some crazy thing made of peanut butter and chocolate chips that looked like a fritter.

But oh, the carrot cake sandwich. Imagine the cake part of the dessert, fluffier and sweeter. Take two slices, fuse with carrot cake frosting. I'm sure other bakeries make this, and they're fools if they don't: such an obvious winner. But don't be a pig: split in four, and share. Don't worry: each quarter will still hep you up for hours.

Sweet Jill's, 123 1/2 Main Street
Seal Beach,
(562) 598-3445.

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