Code in Newport Hosts “Show: The Supper Club”

Something interesting and sort of food-related is happening at Code Restaurant in Newport Beach. 

I can't be sure, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe anything of the sort has ever taken place in OC — a restaurant that does dinner and a show. Well, okay, yeah, Medieval Times and Pirates, but you can't exactly call those restaurants can you?

Starting today and continuing on for every Friday indefinitely, Code is hosting, quite appropriately, Show, a performance troupe (excuse me if that's not what it's called) that will provide entertainment while people eat. It's involves a big band, pin-ups girls, belly dancing, jazz crooners, Can-Can girls, and culminates in a number featuring scantily clad women in a burlesque show. At least that's what I saw demo'd on their video.

The term they use for all this is “supper club”, which, as I understand it, used to mean an establishment that provided you an end-to-end evening out — a concept past its heyday and now in revival mode. You get your meal; you get your entertainment; you stay in one place.  Just like your jitterbugging grandpa used to do.

And even as the evening's three-hour-long entertainment is over, it's really not, because the place transforms into a dance club. 

There are two pricing options:  For $49 per person, you get the tasting menu and can hold your table until 10 p.m.; For the VIP seating, it's $79, which includes dinner and better seating at a table that's yours to keep all night.  Check the website for more details. 

If you've had dinner elsewhere you can come in at 10 p.m. for the general admission price of $20.  For that, you can catch part of the show and stay for the dancing.  And for tonight, this is your only option, because the dinner seats are all sold out. 
So, although I can't vouch for the food, at least the other stuff looks like something new…or old, whatever.

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