Charlie Palmer's 50 for 50 Now Bi-Monthly, With One Today!

According to general manager Ahmed Labbate, the once-a-month wine sell-off, whereby 50 wines are reduced in price by 50 percent, proved so popular that they're now running it every other weekend, from 3 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. The savings are pretty good, whether you're looking at the higher or lower end of the scale.


Some events coincide with cooking classes with exec chef Amar Santana.
On October 24, for instance, there's “Game: Venison, Pheasant and Wild
Boar,” while on November 21 the subject, not surprisingly, is turkey,
with “Holiday Cooking, Bringing the Bird.” Very Julie and Julia.

You have to fork out $75 (plus tax and tip), but you do get a three-course meal into the deal.

For more information, including the names of classes right the way
through to March, see the website. To reserve, call (714) 352-2525.

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