Celebrity Food Contest Time: Lalo Alcaraz Edition!

Last Saturday, I had the honor of introducing Lalo Alcaraz of “La Cucaracha” fame at Calacas in downtown SanTana. Good time had by all, with quite a few swigs of the Herradura bottle by the crowd of 30 or so. Alcaraz rarely comes to Orange County, but when he does, he loves to partake of an ethnic dish that reaches its stateside apotheosis in la naranja (and that's the only clue ustedes get–think about it, and it'll be somewhat obvious). Which is it? First person to answer this question gets a copy of either my Orange County: A Personal History or ¬°Ask a Mexican! books. One guess per comment, por favor.

BONUS QUESTION: Lalo didn't actually eat this dish this time, however, and instead visited a restaurant closer to Calacas at my recommendation. What restaurant did I recommend? Same prize and restrictions as above.

Now: guess!!

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