Cafe Rio Opens In Lake Forest

Cafe Rio, that Utah chain I mentioned in past posts, debuted this week in Lake Forest. But, alas, I was a touch too early to try them. I took the picture above just days before they officially opened, but now that they have, I'm curious on hearing about anyone's who's tried it, especially those commenters who were enthused about it when the restaurant was announced.

Actually, I'm more curious about the local opinion.  I mean, face it, it's not like we are lacking in Mexican grub around here, from the lowliest lonchera to SOL Cocina.  So is it worthy?  Or is this a non-event in the way commenter QueerInMySoup succinctly put it when he said “In other news, a Panda Express will be opening its doors soon on mainland China.”?

In any case, it is in a good location.  The sign is readily visible as you head east on El Toro. And oh yeah, there's the gaudily painted bus and pickup truck…


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