Avanti World Tuesday Menu For March: Africa!

I know some of you have gone and enjoyed Avanti Cafe's World Tuesday menu because ustedes have told me so. But no one has yet caught me so that I can pay for your $11.50, three-course international extravaganza. This month promises to be one of the best (but don't I say that every month?) because junior chefs Veronica and Bartosz are bringing in Africa to a county that never had the chance to hate African-Americans much because most had the sense not to move here. Anyways, the list:

Tuesday, March 3 (TODAY!!!)
Peanut Tomato Soup
Senegalese Stew over Millet
Manadou's Banana Glaze

Veronica's LIBYA
Tuesday, March 10
Marak Dar Marhzin Pumpkin stew
Bureek turnovers
Safra Semolina date cake

Tuesday, March 17
Yemisir Shorba Red lentil soup
Green bean N tomato Injera
Coffee N coconut ice cream

Veronica's ANGOLA
Tuesday, March 24
Angola vegetable soup
Feijoadaon arroz verde
Bean N green stew w/ green rice
Concada Amarela
Yellow coconut custard

Of these choices, only Ethiopia will remind locals of anything familiar, since the county's only African restaurants serve this cuisine (there was once a Nigerian buffet in Anaheim, but it stayed open for only a couple of months back in 2002). See you there trying to see me there!

Avanti Cafe, 159 E. 17th St., Costa Mesa, (949) 548-2224; www.avantinatural.com

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