At the Farmers' Market: Strawberries

Quick, when was the last time you had a juicy, sweet, fragrant strawberry?

Back in June and July?

Well, there's some good news. While cool, dry weather in November makes the meteorologists and climate folks freak out, lovers of fruit can rejoice, because it means an extra crop of strawberries this year.

Farms all over Orange County have berries available, and while they're
not the ambrosiac Seascape berries available during the peak of the
spring season in May, they are a great deal better than the wooden
carving blocks masquerading as produce in the plastic clamshell boxes
at the local grocery store and the perfect red catalyst for making your
East Coast and Midwestern holiday visitors turn green with envy.

This year's scarlet lagniappe should be available through most of
January, leading into the dreaded fruit drought around Presidents' Day.
After that, you'll have to sate your desire for fruit with something
else. Suggestions for use: in pie with rhubarb (use frozen, as it isn't
rhubarb season); dipped in delicious dark chocolate and fed to your
lover on New Year's at midnight;

Just be sure you look at our list of farmers' market holiday closures, lest we be accused of being strawberry teases.

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