Anteaters Can Slurp Booze in Their Boxers Thanks to Midnight Muncheez

Anyone who attended college, lived in campus housing with roommates, joined them in staring into a TV set playing Make Me Laugh at 11 every weeknight, finished the last of the 12-pack, desperately needed more brew, had to resort to walking — because no one had a car, the campus shuttle stopped running at 9:30 and, besides, don't drink and drive, kids — to the local liquor store, then realized upon pulling on the locked entrance door that liquor stores in this college town close at 11 can look at this from UC Irvine's New University online student news as a beautiful thing:

The Newport Beach company Midnight Muncheez has been serving night owls in the Newport and Costa Mesa area for 14 months and is now spreading to UC Irvine.

In addition to providing students with late-night grub, party supplies, toiletries and accessories all with affordable delivery, Midnight Muncheez is allowing UCI partiers one extra supply: alcohol.

Booze, brought to your door like it was a pizza, clean diapers or a notice to evict. Brings a tear to this old co-ed's eye. 

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