AnQi at South Coast Plaza Scheduled To Open December 10th

AnQi, the restaurant by the family behind Crustacean of Beverly Hills, is scheduled to open next week, December 10th, next to Charlie Palmers at Bloomingdales South Coast Plaza. But there was something going on there tonight and as I type this.

I happened to be at the mall at around half past five and there were preparations being made for what seems like a VIP only event.


A red carpet was laid out on the side walk leading up to the restaurant's doors. And the generators for a sky swiping searchlights was just being warmed up. Curious, I went inside and peeked through the sheer partitions that separated the restaurant from the Bloomingdale's hallway. Through it I saw what has been billed as the runway. And by golly, if it isn't one.

To the thumping beats of what I think is a Lady Gaga tune (I'm way out of touch with current music), slinky models wearing Asian costumes, some complete with conical cooley hats and geisha umbrellas, strut like it mattered.

In the kitchen, which was also visible through this sheer partition farther down the hallway, I spied the familiar profile of the owner, Helene An, instructing one of her chefs.

Edwin Goei

​Later, a parade of uniformed servers came out to the hallway where I was standing. They were gathered around by a manager in a suit for a pep talk. They all seem young, giddy, and eager to get started. And I wish them luck!

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