A Sign of Redundancy at Costa Mesa's IKEA

See the sign above? Add this to the redundant redundancy files (see what I did there?).

99 cent breakfast “weekdays starting at 9:30 am N weekends at 9:30 am!” it says. Not “everyday starting at 9:30 am”, but “weekdays starting at 9:30 am N weekends at 9:30 am!” It's just as redundant as my repeating the redundancy…and using the word “redundant” for the fifth time in two paragraphs.

But wait. Is there a method to the madness? There's an exclamation after the last part. Perhaps the 99 cent breakfast is more exciting on weekends? Hence the need for the exclamation point and why it must be set apart from the regular, ho-hum, weekday breakfast?


What's more ironic, of course, is the fact that IKEA cites efficiency and cost-effectiveness as the reason behind the their font switchover from Futura to Verdana typeface in their catalogues — a move that “provoked instantaneous global backlash”, says Time Magazine…okay, it was just 700 people on Twitter, but still.

Seriously though, I don't mind the sign. I like unintentional humor, if only because I can make fun of it in posts like these.

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