$15 2-Course Lunch at Anaheim White House For Administrative Professionals' Week

The Anaheim White House is offering a special for Administrative Assistants' (or Professionals') Week (April 20-24). For $15, you can treat your Administrative Assistant (or Professional) for a two-course lunch (an entree and dessert), and you don't have to report it on your 10-K.

Heck for $15, if you are well-to-do enough to have an Administrative Assistant (or Professional) working for you, you can probably afford to just pay it out your own pocket! Though I wouldn't let on that the meal cost you so little. You already know not to call her/him your “secretary”, right?! 

It's available only this week from 11:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Reservations are a must. More details and the menu after you click below.


$15.00 Lunch Package Offered
Administrative Professionals Week April 20 to 24

Reservations required for this special package and only offered to our Email VIPs. Lunch is served Monday thru Friday from 11:30 AM to 2:00PM. Call (714) 772-13981 or Click Here for reservations. 

Centennial Celebration Luncheon Menu
~ Choice of EntrNe ~
Harry Truman Ravioli Porcini

Ravioli stuffed with a combination of Ita! lian cheeses in Porcini mushroom sauce
Dwight Eisenhower Whitefish
Delicate whitefish fillets lightly breaded and sautNed, served in a lemon and Italian herb sauce
Thomas Jefferson Pork Tenderloin
Lightly breaded Eastern pork tenderloin served with an Italian Porcini mushroom sauce
John Adams Tri Tip Beef
Oven roasted beef tri-tip served in a cabernet sauvignon and rosemary glace
Herbert Hoover Chicken Italiana
Tender chicken breast sautNed with a delicate sauce of Greek capers and Italian white wine
Lyndon Johnson Linguine Marinara
Linguine pasta tossed with a fresh marinara sauce made from Roma tomatoes and Italian herbs
Puff pastry globes filled with crème Anglaise, topped with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with powdered sugar

$15.00 per person
Plus tax and gratuity.
Not valid with any other coupon, promotion or discount

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