Restaurant Roll Call for January 2014

This past month was a bruiser. So many restaurants and venues–some new, some old–went kaput. Some were already on life support since December (Assi Natural Market and Seasons of Japan), while other closures were a complete surprise (Chakra and Traditions). And by the looks of it, February may bring even more.

In spite of this, there were some notable openings: including the triumphant return of Renzo Macchiavello, who himself was on the closure list two years ago when his Irvine “Renzo's Taste of Peru” shuttered.


Tabi-Ji, Orange
Tabu Burgers & Bites, Santa Ana
Coffeebar Byul, Irvine
Muelle Peruvian Cantina, Huntington Beach
Poof, Buena Park
OZ Grill, Irvine
Wafflette Cafe, Lake Forest
Yellowfin Fish Grill, Irvine

Chakra, Irvine
Tasti D-Lite, Tustin
Traditions, Tustin
Break of Dawn, Laguna Hills
Chicken Dijon, Irvine
Pee Wee's Famous Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, Huntington Beach
Opah, Irvine
Brasserie Pascal, Newport Beach
Seasons of Japan, Irvine
Oceanic Fish Grill, Irvine
Assi Supermarket, Irvine
Two 40 South, Brea

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