Restaurant Roll Call for February 2014

Hey kids! It's Restaurant Roll Call time again! So let's talk about it. There were two restaurant openings last month that blew up big: Toro Burgers and Afters Ice Cream. And it was here that the world first heard about the ramen burgers Toro served and the donuts stuffed with ice cream at Afters. But there were other openings we wrote about this last month that didn't involve viral food trends, and here is the list.


85°C Bakery Cafe, Buena Park
Matcha Love, Costa Mesa
Wei Shian Noodle, Irvine
Toro Burger, Santa Ana
Afters Ice Cream, Fountain Valley
India Kitchen, Tustin
Vegan Cuisine, Fountain Valley
TK Noodle & Grill, Irvine
Curry House, Santa Ana
Farm Direct, Irvine

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