Respect The Iron Sheik's Documentary

Whether you've followed his career in wrestling or if you are following this master of hilarity threatening people with the “camel clutch” on Twitter, there's still much more to uncover about WWF legend the Iron Sheik. So much in fact, that he needed an entire documentary to fit it all in. At this year's Canadian International Hot Docs film festival (that runs from April 24 to May 4) they will feature a full-length doc about the one and only Shekie himself, aptly titled “The Sheik.”

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Since we know that you readers love him as much as we do here over at the Weekly, we wanted to give you the inside scoop in case you can't make it to Canada to see the movie premiere. (And don't worry, we can't either.) The incoming info we received says about the film, “Every hero needs a villain. Without the Iron Sheik there could be no Hulkamania. Khosrow Vaziri's transformation from Olympic wrestler to American pop culture icon is a personal and emotional tale that will make you humble.” Shit sakes. We're trying to get a rush on our passport now. To be honest, we're one step away from dropping to our knees and praying that this documentary will be available to view right here in the states. And soon. Pretty please. #TeamShekieForLife

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