Resident Evil Party 2 at Que Sera Resurrects Series Imagery

For the last 10 years or so, the increasing popularity of zombie culture has begged the question: “How can people best celebrate their affection for zombie outbreaks?” For John Jackson (lead singer / programmer for Synthpop Industrial band Jak Syn), the answer came in 2012 when he first envisioned a themed birthday party that would center around the imagery of the Resident Evil world. Tomorrow night, the latest re-incarnation of the Resident Evil Party promises to demonstrate one of the fundamental aspects of a zombie outbreak: that as time goes by, it just keeps getting bigger.

In addition to monsters and set pieces based on the popular video game and film series, the experience of the Resident Evil Party 2 will include a cosplay survival game, T-Virus and G-Virus designer drinks, prizes, music, and dancing. The Weekly asked Jackson about the background of his event and what attendees can expect.

OC WEEKLY (Scott Feinblatt): How did the party evolve into a club event?

John Jackson: [For the first one,] we designed some stuff at my home…had a few friends over, and last year we were sitting around and said, “Hey why not do it again and make it a big party with Djs, sets, themed drinks, cosplay, and prizes for everyone to come and enjoy?” So we asked our good friends at the Que Sera if we could transform the club, since they work very closely with Dave Bats and his amazing event Release The Bats every month there. Before we knew it the wheels were in motion.

(Video below shows the wrong date—moved to Feb. 12. But still fun to watch)

To what extent is the party going to be true to the narratives of the Resident Evil films / games?

To a large extent. Being a fan since the 90’s, [Resident Evil is] something that’s near to my heart, and going into designing the event we’ve taken care to stay true to the monsters and atmosphere that make Resident Evil what it is.

What can guests expect to experience at the party?

[There will be] music throughout the night. In fact, for the first hour it’s nothing but the music from the games and movies as people take in the atmosphere of the place, see the sets and meet with other fans. [Following this, there will be] great local DJs, featuring: Krisz Klink, Malice Vext, and ENDINSIGHT playing the best electronic music for everyone to dance the night away.

Anything else that people should be aware of before attending?

Even though it’s a themed event and cosplay is welcome, weapons even though fake aren’t [welcome]. We want people to come and enjoy the event in a safe yet scary environment. The event has something for everyone and even though cosplay is encouraged it’s not required.

Resident Evil 2 Party is a 21+ event, and admission is free with cosplay before 10pm or $5 all night without. For more information, visit the event’s page.

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