Reports of Shopping Malls' Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, Says Irvine Analyst

“There are those that argue consumers have moved on from shopping at the mall in favor of online purchasing–the naysayers who claim it is just more convenient to place an order on or that the outdated post-Thanksgiving Black Friday has given way to the more popular Cyber Monday. But visit most malls on any weekend or during the holiday season and you'll see firsthand that its demise has been greatly exaggerated–the classic mall is just in a transition period.”

-Scott Hook, executive vice president at Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance in Irvine, in's “The Reincarnation of Traditional Malls”


“While the dynamics of what we have come to expect from malls may be changing,” Hook says in the piece, “this is still a viable component of the overall retail sector.”

So let out that sigh of relief, Hot Dog on a Stick counter workers.

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