Report: Millennials Like Trendy Food, Pig Out, Demand Foreign Grub

It always amuses me how research groups will make millions of dollars commissioning reports that conclude with the shit you can pull from everyday life. Take for instance, a study started earlier this year by the advertising agency Barkley, in conjuction with the Boston Consulting Group and Service Management Group, called “American Millennials: Deciphering the Enigma Generation.” They surveyed over 4,000 of history's most self-absorbed generation (and this country went through the baby boomers, so you know millennials make narcissists look like Moses) and asked them about their eating habits, among other trends.

The results are slowly trickling in and survey says? DUH!

Not all the results are yet available, although Barkley posted some back in June, and Nation's Restaurant News GA*******@oc******.com&utm_content=NRN-News-NRNam-07-13-11&utm_campaign=How%20restaurants%20can%20reach%20Millennials”>has a bit more elaboration, but come on! Millennials like trendy food? Anyone could've told you this with the rise of luxe loncheras? Millennials like “exotic” food? Maybe because more of them are the children of immigrants, and so-called “exotic” food is really home cooking, and even gabachos consider it as such because their childhood chums grew up with dosas, tortillas, and bún?

“They consume more fresh and organic foods, yet abandon their healthy eating habits on weekends,” Barkley discovered. WOW. What an insight! I could've told you that years ago, when I penned the single-greatest story in my career: about the guy who ate the 26-by-26 at In-n-Out.

The sad thing is that companies will pay Barkley much dinero to sit in at seminars and here them explain this generation. Hey, companies: give us Forkers that cash, and not only will we tell you what millennials eat, but do it much cheap as well AND get you insights on the generation we all belong to: X.

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