Repo Man Advice From Otto: Arm Thyself

Just last night an acquaintance was mentioning how her car, which she had fallen a couple payments behind on, had been secretly towed from Newport Beach to Pasadena, where she can be reunited with it for a cool $2,700.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles City Council is considering a crackdown on so-called “bandit” tow truck operators who troll for vehicles to cart to impound lots.

Both stories come to mind while considering the arrest of Robert Joseph Alarcon.

An unidentified repo man came to Alarcon's home in the 16000 block of Brimhall Lane in Huntington Beach Sunday evening intent on taking the 30-year-old's vehicle.

Alarcon had other ideas, pulling a loaded shotgun, pointing it at the repo man and ordering him off the property, according to police.

The tow-company worker retreated and called police, who later busted Alarcon on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

We're still awaiting confirmation on whether the Surf City cruiser that rolled up had a pine tree air freshener.

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