Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's Wife Took 50% of Congressional Campaign Contributions

Costa Mesa Congressman Dana Rohrabacher gave his wife more than 50 percent of the campaign contributions he raised mostly from corporate sources during July, August and September, according to recently filed records at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in Washington.

The Committee to Re-Elect Congressman Dana Rohrabacher reported raising $21,925 during the three-month period and then paying Rhonda Rohrabacher $11,026.

Though Rohrabacher's Democratic Party challenger, Jay Shah, has
more than two dozen spelling, typo and grammar errors on his campaign homepage
along with zero contributions, the 12-term congressman from a
historically solid Republican district pays his wife about $4,000 a
month under the ruse that he needs a full-time campaign manager.

2006, Rhonda has collected more than a quarter of a million dollars
from her husband's campaign coffers, according to FEC records.

(Many of the contributions, er, income came from corporate entities–especially defense and space-exploration companies–that financially benefit from Rohrabacher's D.C. maneuverings.)

that same period–and while most of the rest of the nation suffered
economically, Dana gave his wife a whopping 40 percent in raises.

The congressman, a notorious cheapskate and rambling oddball who skipped Vietnam War
military service but became a chicken hawk after he exceed the draft
, doesn't care how the money grab looks. It only inflates his own bank

Rohrabacher–who grabs about $13,400 a month in public pay (not including generous free benefits)–originally ran for Congress in 1988 adamantly espousing the necessity of six-year term limits.

The anti-government, career politician found he couldn't leave the nation's capital once he got there or keep his promises.

He is presently campaigning for his 25th and 26th years in Washington.

–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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