Dana Rohrabacher-Slayer Harley Rouda Ditches Predecessor’s “Quirkiness”

Orange County’s victorious Harley Rouda on MTP Daily with Chuck Todd today

Huddled on election night inside a Skosh Monahan’s barroom guarded by security, stationed to keep out the likes of me and fellow journalist Gustavo Arellano because we’d previously busted his drunken celebrations with a plastic-surgery-loving crowd, Dana Rohrabacher tried to act nonchalant that his 38-year, taxpayer-funded Washington, D.C., trip looked finished.

Orange County’s senior career politician, who hasn’t had a private-sector job since the 1970s, must have been internally panicked that his fake persona no longer worked.

It’s undeniable that Rohrabacher has been a walking—sometimes stumbling, but more often incoherent—contradiction.

He chickened out of Vietnam War combat duty when eligible to serve but sent 2018 election mailers proclaiming his loyalty to Little Saigon’s war-refugee community.

He hailed himself as “the surfin’ congressman” but he can’t surf; like a young child, he uses a boogie board and, even then, only when approaching Pacific Ocean waves are less than a gentle 3 feet tall.

He screamed repeatedly on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives that he despises despots but cries over his affection for murderous dictator Vladimir Putin.

He insisted he’s for the little guy but chronically parties with the nation’s wealthiest 1 percent, people he’s enthusiastically supported in votes.

He championed the righteousness of the then-Osama bin Laden-protecting Taliban nuts in Afghanistan before the 9/11 terrorist attacks but blamed President Bill Clinton for screwing up related foreign affairs.

He hit the right-wing rubber-chicken circuit parading as a junior, goody-two-shoes Pat Robertson replica but has inhaled marijuana as if it were air and brought to the nation’s capital a male staffer with a remorseless interest in sex with middle school boys.

Rohrabacher, who never served one minute in Vietnam combat, shamelessly sent this misleading election mailer image to Little Saigon voters in 2018

He argued in 1988 that Orange County voters should send him to a then-Democratic Party-run Congress because he would tirelessly work to enact term limits but stayed in office for three decades.

He chronically lambasted lazy people who wanted everything handed to them for nothing but diverted more than $70,000 annually in his federal campaign contributions to his wife, Rhonda.

Today, Harley Rouda—the self-styled “moderate” Democrat who defeated Rohrabacher by 21,000 votes—appeared on national television’s MTP Daily with Chuck Todd to announce the era of “quirkiness and outlandishness” is over.

3 Replies to “Dana Rohrabacher-Slayer Harley Rouda Ditches Predecessor’s “Quirkiness””

  1. I’m no fan of the Democrat party, but Rohrbacher long overstayed his welcome.

    Politicians, like underwear, should be changed often and for the same reason.

  2. Harley Rhouda R-Laguna Beach

    This guy is no different from other opportunistic pols.

    The different is Dem’s are so desperate (and stupid), they’ll settle for John Kazich jr.

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