Rendez Vous Cafe Brings France to Corona Del Mar

Amongst the myriad of French restaurants and cafes, Rendez Vous Cafe remains one of Corona Del Mar’s star French bakeries and cafes and for good reason. 

First opened in early 2018, Rendez Vous’s initial menu was based on French classics and favorites. The dishes and plates were inspired by the original owners’ home country of France and the flavors they came to love and grow up with. 

The bakery was recently purchased by Nina Gamie, whose love for home cooking and baking inspired her taking over the restaurant back in April of this year. Along with a new owner, the kitchen experienced a shift in management as Gamie introduced Pascal Wattaiu as head chef and baker as well as Phong Nyugen as pastry chef. 

Since Gamie’s take-over earlier this year, Rendez Vous has continued its successful streak with its much-beloved classics. Of their original dishes, the beignets, almond croissants, and macarons have remained at the top of the restaurant’s best-selling list along with their Nordic crepes. All pastries are made in-house so only the best quality is guaranteed in every bite. 

While remaining true to Rendez Vous’s original offerings, Gamie and Wattaiu have slowly been working to incorporate new dishes and pastries to the already-popular menu. These new pastries remain true to the French classics but with a slight, more health-conscious take. Several of the new gluten-free additions include the Opera Cake and the Napoleon. 

Rendez Vous’s catering service also helps them stand out amongst other French bakeries and restaurants in the area. Cakes can be made to order with any specifications required (as long as you order with optimal time in advance, of course). They also offer finger foods, including sandwiches, croissants, and pastries for your next office party or small gathering amongst friends. 

Saying that Rendez Vous caters to the mass public is a true understatement. Instead of dropping by  Starbucks or Peet’s drop by Rendez Vous on your early morning commute to work. With ham and cheese croissants and other quick breakfast pastries, the bakery is your one-stop shop for your short-on-time days. 

Rendez Vous has continued to entice the masses and please all those that walk through its doors since the very beginning. Now with Gamie at its head and a new chef team, the French bakery and restaurant are sure to bring more classics and staples to the Orange County area.

Rendez Vous, 3330 East Coast Hwy, Corona Del Mar, (949) 791-8730;

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