Reminder: KCRW's Good Food Pie Contest TOMORROW!!!

For the past two years, Dave has proudly represented this infernal rag as a judge in KCRW-FM 89.9's epic Good Food Pie Contest, in which hundreds of piemakers from across Southern California (the nation?) compete for various titles. This year, I've decided to make an executive decision and represent us in the judge's tables alongside such luminaries as Moby, Susan Feniger, and Los Angeles Times food editor Russ Parsons–and in another executive decision, I hereby demand that all of y'all attend the contest TOMORROW at LACMA in Los Angeles. Yes, it's evil, evil Los Angeles, but KCRW is our radio outlet, Good Food goddess Evan Kleiman is our homegirl, and the event is FREE–and actual pie tasting just a little bit!

And did we mention there's pie? Lots and lots of pie? Like, a lot?


All the pertinent details are here, but you should know that the event goes from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., with the winners being announced at 3:30. Go, mingle with fellow foodies, and let's root on any OC bakers. Skoal!

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