Remembering Yorba Linda's 1st Medical Marijuana Collective, Jan. 2010-Feb. 2010

“We've established a safe access facility for all patients and their medical needs,” stated the write-up for Salubrious Rx. “We always attempt to add compassion for this industry, and give it a more professional touch.”

And that the medical marijuana dispensary at 22607 La Palma Ave., Ste. 405, Yorba Linda, did . . .

. . . for about a month.

Salubrious, which means the promotion of health, hawked to medical marijuana users Blue Sheva, Mango Goo, Maui Wowie, Oregon Purple Top and Super Silver Haze for $12-$19 a gram up to $300-$360 an ounce, depending on the strain.

But Salubrious ultimately could not promote its own health.

California voters passed Proposition 215 in 1996 to allow compassionate use of marijuana for ill people, but Yorba Linda tried 10 years later to ban medical cannabis from being sold in the city by adding a section to the municipal code that states any business in violation of state or federal law will be prohibited within city limits.

Medical marijuana is not allowed under federal law, although the Obama administration has said it will not target dispensaries.

Salubrious owner Sandy Snell hoped to work with the city when the City Council called a special closed session meeting Feb. 9 to address the nonprofit collective.

Instead of aiding a merchant, the city sent the facility a cease and desist order, the Orange County Register reports.

Snell, who voluntarily relinquished Salubrious' business license, has up to 15 days after receiving the letter to file a protest with the city.

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