Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time Back With a Lethal Lasagna

2011 was a weird time for the Internet. People were finally starting to figure out how to how to present content correctly, the first nascent YouTube networks were gaining footing, and Epic Meal Time — who recently recruited the OC Baking Company to create giant sandwich buns for former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger — was just gaining prominence as a some what amusing, but kind of stale series of obscene and obnoxious achievements in gluttony.

2011 was also the year that Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time, originally a tongue jab at Epic Meal Time, debuted, complete with similar stylings but much more funny. After a string of successful videos, Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time went dark for two years. Until yesterday.

Yes, that's right, Swedish Meal Time is back with the epic music, ridiculous cooking, and honestly-pretty-interesting “swenglish.” There first food back it a “lethal lasagna.” Check the video out after the jump, and please, don't die.


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