Refurbished Statue of Alex Odeh, Slain Arab-American Activist, To Be Unveiled Today

Alex Odeh's statue has been part of Santa Ana's civic center identity for years, standing outside the city's public library with a book in one of Odeh's hands and a dove perched atop the other.

The Palestinian activist worked for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) as its Southern California regional director. But on October 11, 1985 a rigged bomb exploded when Odeh opened the door to his Santa Ana workplace, instantly killing him.

Time had left the memorial with rust and chipped edges. In keeping Odeh's memory pristine, his refurbished statue will be revealed in a noontime ceremony today.


As the terrorist attack remains unsolved, the ADC-OC and Odeh's family aren't gathering just to commemorate the restoration though. Today's event is another reminder that the campaign for justice continues.

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez will join other community leaders in that effort. Alongside the ADC and other civil rights groups, Sanchez called for a federal probe into the assassination in 2013. She followed up with a request for a judiciary committee hearing that same year. The last time anything of the sorts took place was in 1986.

Upon the 25th anniversary of the terror attack, the FBI said its investigation into it remained an active one and offered $1 million in reward money. As the 30th anniversary nears, the case remains unsolved.

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