Reel Big Fish's Aaron Barrett Talks About the Aquabats (Plus: Watch the Aquabats! Super Show! Promo)

The Aquabats and Reel Big Fish have a long history together; they started out playing the same lineups in the third-wave ska revival of the '90s, and supported each other through the years. Most recently, the two bands toured together in 2010, to the delight of many fans dying to relive 1997. Wikipedia claims that “among The Aquabats' hundreds of cadets is Reel Big Fish lead singer Aaron Barrett, who can be seen wearing a cadet patch in the music video for Reel Big Fish's “Party Down.” Barrett confirms his love for the Aquabats in an interview; check out what he says about the band–and their upcoming show–after the jump.


OC Weekly: Did you ever think when you started playing with
the Aquabats that they would be making TV shows for kids? (Or, was
there ever a moment where you thought, “Man, these guys are so funny,
this should be on TV…” If so, describe that moment.)

Aaron Barrett: I've always thought the Aquabats were the most fun, most exciting,
most entertaining and the funniest band to watch live! I have seen them
play HUNDREDS of times and there has never been one instance that I have
left an Aquabats concert without a huge smile on my face. It always
seemed like they were a crazy kid's cartoon come to life in the first
place, so it seems only natural that they would finally have their own
show on TV. I just can't believe it took so long to finally happen!

Would you watch the Aquabats! Super Show!?

I would never miss an episode! I've been waiting for this for 15 years!

What do you think makes the Aquabats so fun?

They just have the silliest, wackiest, most unique sense of humor and
it comes from such a fun, innocent, non cynical place that no matter
how old you are, you can't help but be filled with a childlike joy. And
every time I've seen them in concert they always do something new to
make each show special and memorable. I think their TV show is going to
be incredible!


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