Reece Hobbins and Julia Sonmi Heglund

A quick glance at an art piece by Reece Hobbins hanging side by side with a piece by Julia Sonmi Heglund would suggest that the two artists' works are abundantly similar in style to each other, but look closer. Australia-based illustrator Hobbins embraces Art Nouveau influences from the early twentieth century while enveloping his female figures in muted colors and trippy, organic structures. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles-based Heglund creates fantastical figures adorned with geometric forms and animal imagery with limited colors. Her figures wear serious expressions while turned sideways, prompting you to wonder the inherent meaning in the work. While a quick pass through their exhibit together at Marcas Gallery might make you think their work collectively amounts to nicely-drawn faces, think again; the information contained in the smallest details might surprise you.

Wednesdays-Sundays, noon. Starts: May 16. Continues through June 7, 2015

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