Record and Collectible Swap

Even under the demise of the record store, Southern California has retained its share of record shops since the hey-day of surf rock to the post-punk gloom of the 1980s. Diehard record collectors and vinyl enthusiasts can now finally assemble under one roof to welcome the thousands of LPs waiting to be played again at the first-ever Long Beach Record Swap. Opening bright and early, audiophiles have more time to lose themselves among the rows of vinyl, record players and memorabilia from vendors all across Southern California. All other discerning music fans of the digital persuasion can peruse through the ample selection of CDs and DVDs to build their collection of tunes. Don’t forget to pick up a band tee; you can never have too many. Also in attendance are artists and handicraft jewelry makers, rounding out an event meant to celebrate the various means of artistic expression.

Sun., March 24, 9 a.m., 2013

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