Rebecca Black's and Patrice Wilson Now in a Documentary About Internet Memes

Here's the fascinating thing about Rebecca Black's “Friday,” written and produced by Patrice Wilson for Ark Music Factory. When it was released as a single last March, no one knew that all the haterade would give the song–and Anaheim native Rebecca–legs.

Way beyond its 167 million views on YouTube, it has been parodied, covered, copied, danced to and emulated to death by everyone from the Glee cast to horrorcore rappers Odd Future to pop star Katy Perry.

And now that we haven't heard much from either Wilson and Rebecca, Gawker reports that there's a legit documentary on the Friday phenom by essayist and This American Life contributor Jon Ronson. In it, Ronson interviews Rebecca's friend Benni Cinkle and Wilson, who writes him a song. It's not very good, but hey–he wrote it in a day to make sure he could get on the Conan O'Brien show! (Watch it after the jump.)

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