Rebecca Black Tries Again

First a starring role in Katy Perry's “Last Friday Night” video, now a brand-spanking-new single called “My Moment”! Rebecca Black's followup to her hit (?) “Friday” debuts Saturday at 8 p.m. on her YouTube channel and via her official site, Apparently the 14-year-old Internet star is also finishing a five-song EP that should be out in August (sans record label). No word yet on whether the new song will be death-threat-worthy, but we're pretty sure Black is hoping for even half the success of her video for “Friday” (which, before it was pulled off YouTube, was the site's most played clip of all time, with more than 167 million views). According to the Hollywood Reporter, “My Moment” will be available for purchase on iTunes and other online retailers the day after its release. The video features footage of Black receiving an award at her junior-high school and attending red-carpet premieres to “tell the story of her sudden rise to fame. . . . It's a fairytale story, but it happened in real life.” From a July 11 Heard Mentality blog post.


, Thrice's seventh studio album, will be released Sept. 20. The band just revealed the cover, which looks like a cross between the Shroud of Turin and a Mark Rothko painting. Lead singer Dustin Kensrue said this album was “definitely the most natural progression from record to record that we've had in a while.” Before the new album drops, you can see them at the soon-to-reopen Yost Theater (307 Spurgeon St., Santa Ana) on Aug. 13 at 8 p.m. They'll set out on a headlining tour in support of Major/Minor by the end of September. From a July 11 post.


In between working on the band's new album (set to drop sometime around December and inspired by the departure of 20-year front man Jim Lindberg), plus the group's upcoming European tour, Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge found time to open his new, grungy parlor, 3rd Street Tattoo. “There's been, like, a ban on tattoo parlors in Hermosa Beach, and one of my friends actually took it to the Ninth District Court of Appeals, and they said that it was unconstitutional to not allow tattoo parlors,” Dragge says. “He won his court case after a 50-year ban. So we jumped on there, and we got a couple of artists who are 15-, 16-year veterans.” After successfully warding off naysayers—who, according to Dragge, are “a group of people suing Hermosa Beach for allowing tattoo parlors because they think it's going to expose the citizens of Hermosa Beach to infectious diseases. It's just a ridiculous lawsuit”—3rd Street Tattoo is open for business at 331 Pacific Coast Hwy. From a July 9 post by Neda Salamat.

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