Rebecca Black Goes to Mexico, Supports PRI Presidential Candidate/Total Tool Enrique Peña Nieto

There's a new video featuring Rebecca Black on YouTube that's racking up the dislikes, and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with her singing! The Anaheim Hills teenager, whose viral monstrosity “Friday” propelled her to internet celebrity last year, is using her fading fame to lend support to PRI candidate Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico's upcoming presidential elections. Telegenic and slick, he's seeking to return his disgraced party to the highest office after it had it under lock and key in what was described as “the perfect dictatorship” for 71 years until 2000.

Enlisted in that effort, Black traveled Morelos, Mexico where she apparently has family, to offer encouraging words and a photo-op with a Peña Nieto banner in the backdrop. Through a translator, the teen offered vapid words about youth involvement in politics before declaring that “Peña Nieto is going to do a fantastic job” as future President.

This Rebecca Black “moment” may come as a shock on two fronts. Yes, she's of Mexican descent, meaning she was born of a white father and a Mexi mommy, or what the mainstream media now fumbles over as 'white Hispanic.' The nopal en la frente was evident to those who know a thing or two about Anaheim Hills, but OC raza preferred to keep that on the down low, 167 million YouTube hits or not!

On the other front, what makes her foray into politics all the more terrible is at the very moment she's encouraging Mexican youths to be politically informed, a social movement spurred by students has arisen in the country and is decidedly against Peña Nieto! He was greeted with jeers earlier this month at Mexico City's Ibero-American University where it all began. After finishing a stump speech, a voice from the crowd sneered “ahora en Inglés” (now in English) to underscore whose interests he really serves!

The 'Yo Soy 132' movement was born as a +1 to the 131 students who protested Peña Nieto's presence that day. A mass march flooded the streets of Mexico City soon after taking the cabrón and the corporate media to task. If Black took her own advice and became informed before declaring herself a priísta, she might also have taken a look into the heavy hand of repression Peña Nieto metered out in San Salvador Atenco as governor of the state of Mexico six years ago.

Back when “Friday” raged, there was a sense that the sonic encapsulation of tweenager annoyance couldn't be judged too harshly, but all is fair in love and politics. The song has turned into much more than a musical nightmare and has spawned an irresponsible political platform. Black should take it back to lyrically pondering 'which seat to take' (yes, the lyrics are forever seared) and stay OUT of Mexican politics!

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