Rear Window

Who doesn’t love classic movies on the big screen? If you don’t, then go home—you’re drunk. This week, Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Rear Window, plays at Regency South Coast Village. Watch as a freelance photographer, in his high-rise New York apartment, must confine himself to a wheelchair after breaking his leg. Seems pretty boring until the decadent Grace Kelly enters as his nurse and possible love interest. Of course, Miss Kelly is young and fabulous and cannot hang around all the time so our protagonist does what anyone in this situation would—becomes a bit voyeuristic. So many apartment windows and so much time. Some of the characters he watches are hilarious and confusing, others are sad and lonely—but everyone seems fairly normal. That is, until one neighbor’s wife disappears and his behavior becomes eerily suspicious. . .
Wed., Dec. 12, 7:30 p.m., 2012

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