Reality Series Follows Football Team At Long Beach Poly High School

In a new docuseries, Current TV tackles high school football.

4th and Forever follows the team at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, which has a backstory that's very afterschool special.

The synopsis:    

California's Long Beach Poly High School has sent more players to the
NFL than any high school in America–prompting Sports Illustrated
Magazine to name it “Sports School of the Century.” For Poly players, football is a way out of a neighborhood struggling
with poverty, drugs and gangs. But 2009 was a down year: Poly lost its
first league game in 15 years and fell to crosstown rival Lakewood for
the first time since 1982. Can head coach Raul Lara drive his team back
to the top in 2010? His players' dreams for a better future are riding
on it.


The series, which will premiere on April 3, is being produced by a team
that includes former MTV Networks execs Brian Graden and Lois Curren.

Long Beach Poly boasts some star alums, including John Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Cameron Diaz. Will its football team be next?

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