Real Housewives Roundup: Jeana Pitches Talk Show, Tamra Snags New Guy, Alexis Launches Clothing Line

​Here are all the news bits you need to know (or don't) as you anxiously count down the days until the new season of Real Housewives of Orange Country airs in January (or don't):
  • Former Housewife Jeana Keough is pitching three Oprah-style, self-help focused television talk shows, telling “People love my advice.”  

  • After a nasty split with her husband Simon, Tamra Barney has a new man, who–surprise–buys her things. She tells that her boyfriend Eddie, whom she's been dating for nine months, gave her a BMWi 335i convertible for her birthday. 


  • Alexis Bellino unveiled her new dress line, Alexis Couture, due out next year. “I am truly inspired by Valentino and Cavalli with Dolce and Gabbana fabrics and fit. I've added [my] own personal twist,” she tells, which has photos of her–(cough) tacky–creations.
Plus: The Register has photos of the two new HousewivesFerdanda Rocha and Peggy Tanous, who will reportedly join Season 6. 

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