Reader Question: Will Marche Moderne Offer Its Spontanee Lunch on Christmas Eve?

A reader e-mailed me today, asking me if I knew whether Marche Moderne will still offer its $20 three-course Spontanee Lunch on Christmas Eve.  This is great question, in light of the fact that they're doing a special $75 Five-Course Christmas Eve Dinner that night — one that I wrote about here earlier this month.

I didn't know the answer off hand, of course, so I called them to find out and also for my own curiosity.  The verdict is “yes.” They will, indeed, offer the Spontanee on Christmas Eve.  Except the price will be increased to $30 for that day.
But, hey, $30 is still better than $75, right?  That means an extra $45 to spend for that last minute gift, because let's face it, you know you're going to be at the mall anyway.

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