Read the Hilarious, Grammatically Incorrect Letter the OC Register Sent to Subscriber Angry They Laid Off Reporters

The fallout from Orange County Register owner Aaron Kushner's axing of 32 staffers last week is still swirling up Grand Street. Yesterday, New York Times media reporter David Carr took Kushner to the proverbial woodshed for his mysterious ambitions. And today, we receive the following email, sent to a former subscriber who canceled her Sunday paper in anger after all the layoffs. The reader (who asked for anonymity) asked that the subscription end immediately. Instead, the reader was given a laughable sales pitch that seemed penned by Kushner's Minister of Information, Eric Morgan–except Morgan knows how to use apostrophes and grammar in spinning shit.

The email follows:


Thank you for contacting The Orange County Register, while I can certainly
understand your decision to want to cancel, I wanted to inform you, that
since we did buy out Press Enterprises, we kept a lot of their staff writers
and only let go of some of the people that would have be duplicated
columnists. No one ever wants to let any body go, however, over the past 18
months The Register has actually hired more journalists than a lot of the
publications out there combined. We are working very hard to provide our
customer's with the best local news out there and we'd certainly hate to see
you over these recent changes, is there anything we can do to help you
maintain your Sunday only account?

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