R.C. Hoiles Gets Revenge on Aaron Kushner: Complaint Alleges OC Reg Owes Rent to Hoiles' Descendants

To show how much of a dingus Orange County Register owner is, consider a unlawful detainer filed October 28 in Orange County Superior Court against his company, Freedom Communications. The complaint charges that Kushner has not yet paid the September bill on the Anaheim facilities that serve as the offices for the Anaheim Bulletin and a printing plant for the paper. Total owed: $109,358.84 (penny-counting landlords, I swear…).

That Kushner has a funny habit of not paying bills is nothing new, of course. But what caught my attention is the landlord of the property: a mysterious LLC called Raymab.


A quick Google search finds nothing; a California Secretary of State search finds that the registered agent is one Richard A. Wallace of unincorporated SanTana. A look at the original 1970s lease that Freedom Communications took out for its Anaheim properties finds Wallace listed as one of the landlords…alongside a bunch of children, grandchildren, in-laws and family trusts going back to R.C. Hoiles, the cantankerous libertarian founder of Freedom Communications who no doubt served as the inspiration behind The Onion's late, great column by T. Herman Zweibel. Turns out Wallace married Patricia Hoiles, the daughter of Clarence Hoiles, the son of R.C.


See, even though the Hoiles clan no longer own the Register, many of the descendants were smart enough to not sell off the land that the family owned. Kushner, on the other hand, is trying to sell off every last bit of property owned by Freedom Communications, a move so alarming to minority shareholders that they told a judge they believe the company is “insolvent.”

It's fitting that Wallace is the one to give the pimp hand to Kushner for bringing shame to what was the family business. In 2003, when the Hoiles clan was thinking of selling Freedom Communications, Wallace (then the corporate secretary to Freedom and a member of the board of directors since 1968) wrote an email to shareholders begging them not to sell and pointing to the company's freedom-loving legacy as reason enough not to succumb–ironically enough–to the siren call of capitalism Freedom had espoused for decades.

“I would hate to think that the descendant shareholders value dollars more than the ability to promote ideals that benefit all humanity,” wrote Wallace, according to a Los Angeles Times story.

Wallace, who currently sits on the Reason Foundation and Pacific Research Institute Board of Trustees, would be on the losing side; by 2004, a private equity firm bought 40 percent of Freedom; by 2009, the company declared bankruptcy. In 2012, Aaron Kushner swooped into town–and NOW you know the rest of the story…

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