Ray Mabus, Navy Secretary (and Nostradamus Calamity Maker?) Coming to Camp Pendleton

Could a man scheduled to visit Camp Pendleton this afternoon have been predicted by Nostradamus to be the usher of worldwide calamities?

That's what some followers of the reputed seer wonder about Ray Mabus, the secretary of the Navy who will address Marines, sailors and civilians of I Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Pendleton today.


Here's the Nostradamus prediction that has sites like Alien Scalpel, Above Top Secret and Alamongordo spooked:

'Mabus' then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet 
will run.

I'm more partial to poems that rhyme.

A fellow named Gary Lowrey posted on Alien Scalpel details of a dream he had April 29, 2011, about someone called Mabus. Lowrey dreamed he was in a conference room with a podium that had the
 official presidential seal on it. He could hear 
people behind him celebrating and a voice saying, “The 
people will rejoice, the people will cheer and Mabus will have glee in his 
heart over it and then sudden destruction and terror cometh.”

A few days later, Lowery learned Ray Mabus was the Navy secretary and, soon after that, Osama bin Laden 
was killed by Navy SEAL Team 6. That, Lowrey notes, no doubt filled Mabus with glee. “Now if Nostradamus is correct,” Lowrey writes, “we will see some retaliation and a comet.”

The unnamed Above Top Secret poster goes off the same Nostradamus passage but focuses on names.



Oba “maBus” h

Ray Mabus-

Secretary of the Navy

This obviously gives a solid basis to the person's theory that, if Nostradamus was correct in his visions, “Mabus, is the US Navy, Bush and Obama, the bloody Alus, is Syria and the use of chemical weapons, and a somehow drastic action taken in the Mediterranean that destroys the fleet there followed by massive attacks.

“Or it could be that the US fleet does massive attacks followed by an unleashing of chemical weapons on the Middle East on a much larger scale. … Either way, I am thinking the crisis in Syria is about MABUS, the Bloody Alus, (Alus means ship) and the angry black one.”

Hmmm, and the angry black one would be?

Alamongordo provides a clearer translation of Frenchie Michel de Nostredame:

“Alus” does not mean ship but, like Mabus, the name of an ancient tribe that lived behind an iron wall,” according to Alamongordo. So, Mabus could doubly refer to a nation and a person, in this case the “helper” (Ray Mabus) of the “antichrist” (Barack Obama).

Or, notes the poster, the antichrist could be Putin. Either way, Syria's toast.

By the way, Camp Pendleton brass say the 2 p.m. Mabus visit will be live-streamed here: http://www.dvidshub.net/webcast/3688.

The end of the world should look bitchen on your laptop.

About 140 Marines and sailors from I Marine Expeditionary Force's command element are leaving the Oceanside-area camp for Afghanistan on Sunday. They are expected to return at the end of the year.

If that comet hasn't taken us out by then, of course.

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